Why Every Leader must Prioritize Reflection and Renewal

Whether it is to recharge for energy, gain clarity or to strengthen internal compass, there are several reasons taking time out for reflection and renewal is essential for sustained leadership success. 

 For the most part, we hear of all these other benefits – assess the current strategies, and identify new opportunities and challenges etc.  However, I am more focused on the development and strengthening of the “inner self” during this time out.  As a passionate authentic leadership coach, this is fundamentally important because self-awareness is a crucial trait for effective leadership. It is the core on which other leadership muscles are connected.

Taking time for reflection allows leaders to clarify their goals, values, and vision. It helps them gain a deeper understanding of their purpose and the direction they want to lead their teams or organizations.

Reflecting on one’s actions, strengths, and weaknesses allows leaders to grow personally and professionally. They can identify areas for improvement and develop strategies to become better leaders.

Over the years working with leaders in this process, I developed the 5-R Leadership Renewal program to help leaders work through the reflection and renew exercise.  This is useful for individual leaders as well as leadership teams that want to collectively review how they have led, made decisions, and consequences arising from these actions.  

Most identified struggles have come from relationships and decisions made.  Effective decision-making requires a clear mind and a broad perspective. When leaders take time to reflect, they can make more thoughtful and well-informed decisions, rather than reacting impulsively to immediate issues.  They have the energy, focus, and emotional stability to lead by example, provide guidance, and foster a positive work environment.

Leaders have come to appreciate 5-R reflection guide because it is not about finger pointing, wrong versus right, it is about openly and truthfully looking at actions, mistakes, the missteps, the struggles they went through with tough decisions, the repercussions, lessons learnt and renew/recommit.  As the 5Rs indicate, there is value in reviewing, remembering, recognizing, reflecting and renewing.

To see how I can facilitate your leadership teams reflect and renew retreat, please schedule a call.