What is it about mindset?

What is it about Mindset? 

During a recent interview on the Be Better Broadcast, I was asked what is more important for growth in organizations: (a) skills, (b) relationship or (c) mindset.

While all the three elements are important, I singled out mindset because it is one that is at the core of everything else…how do I see things – can be done or cannot be done? Me or us?

Mindset is often talked about as growth vs. fixed mindset.  I discussed about this in my bookThe Truth Behind excuses: Underperformance Explained.

However, there is another continuum for us to consider in organizations:  inward or outward.  

Having a growth mindset is not a cure for all.  Is that growth mindset looking inwards or outward?  In organizations, this second continuum is important because inwards is you, (it’s about what you want, where you want to get to, the next position/level you are aspiring for) outward is where the organization is, where the organization is going. There is need for balance and congruency.

If you are in organization and wondering how to incorporate what you want into what the organization wants, connect with me.  Being part of the organizational “we” is critical to moving up the C-suite.  Me vs. them, we vs. them never works.

Whether it is fixed vs. growth or inward and outward balance, mindset changes how we engage with others.  It changes how we engage with the organization we work for.  This is a game changer for teams.  

The more we see outside of ourselves, and focus on collective growth, the more the team can surpass expectations.  I work with teams to recognize the collective force they can become and harness that for organizational growth. 

As an individual, the more you see how you can contribute to the growth of the organization beyond your everyday routine task, the more you elevate yourself for that top level leadership position.  This is what shifting from doing to growing involves.  

I work executives and managers to shift mindsets, to use their unique qualities to grow as leaders and support their organizational growth at the same time.

If you are looking for a way to level up your team performance, or your performance, let’s have a conversation.  Connect with me. 

To listen to my interview speaking about mindset and growth, click on the link. https://www.buzzsprout.com/1731564/14406845