The Truth Behind Excuses

Excuses are masks.  They mask deeper issues.  In this book I took a deep dive into the reasons people make excuses. The result is an eye-opening look at not only why we come up with excuses ourselves but why we put up with excuses from other people, from friends to coworkers, and how we can move past excuses to being more productive and more honest with each other.

By exploring the power of personal accountability, this book challenges us to confront the narratives that prevent us from achieving our goals. It offers practical guidance on how to overcome self-imposed limitations, develop a growth mindset, and unlock our true potential.


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Praise for Amara Emuwa
and The Truth Behind Excuses

The Truth Behind Excuses: Underperformance Explained presents a clear and compelling treatment of why and how we all make excuses and what can be done to coach others toward higher performance. This is a must read for everyone—employees and supervisors—so we might understand our own motives and the motives of others. As I read, I found myself among the excuses and am now committed to being more aware of my motives and my intentions.

Bruce E. Winston PhD

Professor of Business and Leadership

The Truth Behind Excuses: Underperformance Explained is a transformative guide that empowers individuals to take ownership of their lives and break free from the self-imposed limitations that hold them back. Whether you’re a professional striving for career advancement, an entrepreneur aiming to reach new heights, or simply someone seeking personal growth, this book is an invaluable resource. It equips you with the tools and insights to rise above excuses and unlock your true potential. In a world where excuses have become all too common, Amara reminds us that we have the power to take control of our circumstances and achieve extraordinary results. I wholeheartedly recommend The Truth Behind Excuses to anyone ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery, growth, and unbridled success. Prepare to be inspired, motivated, and transformed.

Brian Rollo

Executive Coach and Author of The 10 Habits of Influential Leaders

I have known Amara for more than ten years now since we met to embark together on our PhDs. We started in the same student cohort and discipline in that program—I know her now as a treasured colleague with whom I have written and presented in numerous professional settings. After teaching almost 60,000 students at a major university, I also know excuses very well. Beyond the students, I can identify my own excuses. What Amara offers is a thorough examination of the underlying factors of excuses. This scholarly work provides a grounded understanding of excuses, then takes the reader to a place where there becomes no room to make any excuses. There is no excuse for you not to read this skilled work.

Keith G. Dayton

PhD, Senior Faculty Lecturer, Kelly School of Business, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana

In The Truth Behind Excuses: Underperformance Explained, Amara Emuwa adeptly describes the key, and often surprising, reasons we give excuses, their negative impact on our reputation and self-concept, and how to decode what an excuse is truly masking. Whether you consider yourself a chronic excuse giver, somebody who occasionally gives excuses, or you want to curb excuse- giving with employees or clients, this is the book for you.

Alexia Vernon

CEO and author, Step into Your Moxie

This eye-opening book made me realize that rather than be angry when someone gives me an excuse, I should be compassionate toward them and if possible help them move past whatever fear or lack of motivation lies behind their excuse. Amara Emuwa’s in-depth research and personal experience as an executive and leadership coach make for convincing arguments about why people make excuses and what we can do to move
past them.

Tyler R. Tichelaar

PhD and Award-Winning Author of Narrow Lives and The Best Place