Helping people grow into full leadership stature with no excuses.

With a declared mission to support others in their growth journey and unrelenting passion for leading authentically, Dr. Amara Emuwa integrates research, psychology and all that makes us human in her workshops, keynotes and presentations.

As a leadership coach and a former corporate HR executive with over 20+ years experience working with leaders, middle managers and emerging leaders in organizations, Dr. Amara Emuwa understands the consequences of excuse making and leadership failures.

Dr. Amara Emuwa has two Signature Talks and Presentations

How Excuse Making Undermines Your Leadership Capacity and Impact

One can say that leadership and excuse making exist on opposite ends of a spectrum and just maybe have no chance of meeting because excuse making cannot be found in true leadership until you hear Dr. Amara Emuwa speak on leadership, personal growth and excuse making.

Everyone makes excuses…imagine all you could become if you stopped offering yourself and others excuses?

In Leadership without excuses Workshop and Presentation, Dr. Amara reveals the psychology behind excuses making which often arises from fear, insecurity, and a desire to maintain one's self-image.  As Dr. Amara explains through her signature talk and presentation, leadership and excuses represent two distinctive approaches to navigating challenges and taking responsibilities.

She will offer tools and strategies for moving beyond excuses so everyone in your organization can work together to be accountable and achieve organizational goals.

Amara knows your audience wants to succeed and to connect with their humanity.  Through humor, stories, and years of experience, Amara will win over your team to put excuses behind them and focus on growth, productivity, and a sense of a job well done.


Leading from the Core of Excellence

Leading authentically from a place of strength and purpose

How do elite athletes power their body and mind through the demands of elite performance?

Everything begins and ends with building the physical core and a mental core.

Leadership is no different.  Leadership demands operating from a values-based core of excellence. How do you develop this physical and mental core?

Leaders who lead from the core of excellence embody a deep sense of own values, strength and purpose.  You don’t need to be a photocopy of any other leader.

In this workshop/Presentation, Dr Emuwa demonstrates how authentic leaders build their unique core.  The core of excellence serves as anchor and guiding compass for individuals and organizations, helping them define themselves, and align their actions, decisions, and behaviors with the pursuit of excellence.

Key take aways from this workshop/Presentation

  • Letting go of the outside and access who you truly are within
  • Identify what makes you uniquely you – (owning your core identity).
  • How to use your unique strengths and traits to differentiate yourself.
  • Develop a plan for building and maintaining your leadership 6-packs.
  • How to connect leadership to core purpose

Dr. Amara Emuwa is available for half day, single and multi-day events.  She can be booked as keynote speaker, panelist, retreat facilitator, or to custom-design a workshop experience for your organization.

To learn more about how Amara can help you and tailor her presentation to your organization’s specific needs, schedule a call.