What does it take to succeed in corporate organizations?

Have you seriously thought about what it takes to achieve your desired success in your organization?

Believe me, this is not taught in college and honestly, no one tells you this before you jump in.

Think about it, you were excited to sign your offer letter and now its 5+, 7+ years later, the honeymoon is over, the monthly paycheck has come to mean a little less, you barely made it into the famous middle management and all hell is breaking loose…stress, frustration, burnout, and constant pressure and anxiety.  

Suddenly it has become a survival jungle.  You feel like you are fighting an unseen enemy.  It should not be.

Primarily, it takes these 7 things to be successful in corporate organizations:

  1. Sign up with an experienced executive coach (no one tells you this. Don’t wait for the organization to get you a coach, it may be too late).
  2. Define success for yourself and be very clear on that (this can be hard because success is not same as level).
  3. Be sure your values are aligned (what are your values?  Do you know?).
  4. Connect with the vision of the organization (what does the organization’s vision mean to you on a personal level?)
  5. Raise your hand often (what exactly is that?)
  6. Build and maintain Strategic relationships (it begins with you – ask me how?) 
  7. Have a road map (aka goals/targeted development plan).

My one-on-one coaching supports emerging leaders to differentiate themselves, grow influence, own their growth process, and perform at their highest level.  I focus on tangible outcomes that turn your growth into meaningful achievements. 

If you would like to experience corporate success without the jungle fight, schedule a call.