Leading & Living as Uniquely You

We say every person can lead.  Everyone can be a  good leader.  And that is true.   No matter which school of thought from which you look at leadership, there is nothing stopping a person from leading and leading effectively.  Evidently no one person is born with all the traits or qualities but every single person can learn new leadership behaviors and part of learning is also unlearning certain behaviors.  

In my leadership coaching practice, I focus on leading authentically.  I have developed my coaching process around this model because it is a process that works from your unique qualities.  It is a process that takes you on your leadership journey from what makes you uniquely you.  We often talk about how we are wired differently, and we are.  

It does not only tell you what is unique that you can stand upon, that you can grow upon, it paints a clear picture of what you are not so strong at… It is a process of growth and not perfection.

Armed with this knowledge you are always aware of what brings out the best version of you.  Not by imitating anyone or trying to be someone else that has been fed into your psyche.    

Leading authentically is to effectively leverage the natural and original network of skills and abilities that are uniquely yours.  So, I work from  that base.

Sometimes you need help identifying how your original pattern of thoughts are organized to tap into your strength.  Sometimes you need help interpreting what those are in terms of behavior.  What about the triggers?  From understanding your unique leadership qualities, you are able to understand the triggers internally and externally.  

An effective leader is one who knows what he does not know.  Knowing what you do not know empowers you to becoming the best you can be. 

A lot of us do not know why we react to certain situations the way we do.  We do not know why we cannot stand certain people and struggle to be productive around them.  The irony of these struggles is that we have been uniquely equipped to not only manage these situations and “annoying” people but to thrive in their presence and company.  

As a leader, people rubbing you on the wrong side can bring you down.  It can derail your mission.  What if I tell you that eliminating this person from your team is not the answer?  Understanding what you can do without involving the other person is the key.  Work with me to discover how.  Click on the button below to begin this conversation.