Leadership Shifts Transforming Organizations Today

McKinsey released their state of organizations, 2023 report a few days ago.  In this report, they identified 10 shifts transforming organizations today.  And here is what they found about leadership that is capable of transforming organizations today:

Leadership that is self-aware and inspiring. Leaders today need to be able to lead themselves, lead a team of peers in the C-suite, and exhibit the leadership skills and mindset required to lead at scale, coordinating and inspiring networks of teams. To do that, they must build a keen awareness of both themselves and the operating environments around them) – McKinsey, State of organizations report, 2023.

As someone who has written, spoken often  and coach leaders and aspiring leaders on how to develop and grow roots in self-awareness, this caught my attention.  It is interesting that the report did not simply identify leadership as is often done in these types of reports, they saw the need to describe the kind of leadership required today.

Let’s break it down…

Leaders that can make any impact in current organizational flux, will need to:

  • Be able to lead themselves 
  • Lead others (team of peers in C-suite)
  • Inspire a network of teams. 

Leadership that is self-aware and inspiring… If you are reading this or the McKinsey report, you may have a few questions:

  • What exactly does that mean? 
  • What does it look like in real life?
  • Why  is leadership that is self-aware a need now?  

I can give with you answers to these questions. However, beyond giving you just answers, I can help you transform your leadership behavior to become the leader who is self-aware and inspiring.  The core of my leadership coaching is about leading authentically based on developing accurate self-awareness, and building your core of excellence. 

According to McKinsey’s research, this caliber of leaders must build a keen awareness of both themselves and the operating environment.  

Last week, I highlighted how authentic leadership model embraces the complete domain of the leader – the leader, the followers and the environment. The foundation of authenticity is being self-aware beyond the cliché.  The second critical element is relationship with followers (teams, peers).  …inspiring others, empowering others, creating spaces for others to embrace the vision.  And the third is how these other two equip you to organically respond to changes.

You cannot lead yourself, if you do not understand how you manifest in the context of leadership.  A leader that is self-aware understands that it is a moving post…as the environment changes, and people change in response, an authentic leader understands the power of reflections, feedback and how to use those to grow influence and impact. 

If you would like to know more on how to become the leader who is self-aware and inspiring or equip your organization’s emerging leaders to become transformational leaders, please click on the contact us below to connect with me for free exploratory conversation.