Leading from the Core of Excellence (3): Involving others and operating from a deep moral root.

To lead from the core of excellence is an intentional and highly introspective process.  Tracing the history authenticity always takes one to this statement by Socrates; “Know thyself”.  Socrates will go further to say that “an unexamined life is not worth living”. 

Introspection offers a space for the leader/an individual to reflect how he/she/them are living out their internalized and professed values in actions, interactions and relationships. Internalized values are demonstrated in actions anchored on strong moral perspectives.

To lead and live from the core of excellence is to challenge your views as a leader.  This is not an easy thing for any leader.  To question your views is to accept that you are not always right.  This position challenges the ego of the leader and that can be tough. In doing this, a leader seeks diverse views even if those views challenge their opinions. 

Leaders who understand this, build influence faster because team members tend to trust a leader who is seen or perceived to be open to input and feedback.  

This ability directly connects to the strength of vulnerability.  When a leader says, I don’t know it all, you can give me some ideas on how to solve a problem,  the leader is not only building unparallel influence but creating an empowered team.  Vulnerability and unbiased  processing are key to leading and living from the core of excellence. 

Relationships are critically important for any leader who is operating from the core of excellence.  By encouraging diverse view points and consistently acting from a deep moral grounding, an authentic leader builds a network of collaborative relationships.  

The key word here is consistent.  It is not about repetitions of actions; it is about self being self through “the disparate events of one’s life so that the unity of character becomes evident”.  It is about not being tossed by external pressures, self-interest and keeping self-aggrandizement in check.

To lead and live authentically is to operate from the core of excellence that has been developed over time.  It is a state that can be achieved through genuine and  intentional quest for leadership growth and influence. 

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