Leading from the Core of Excellence (2) 

Authentic leaders inspire, empower and grow others.  How?

A second key element in building the core of excellence is Relational Transparency…turn it  around and it will mean the same thing …transparency in relationships.  

To lead from the core of excellence requires consistent transparency in the way you as a leader relate to others.  The process of influence is through interactions and relationships, typically reflected by the effect on and the perception of others/team members. 

Leadership without influence is empty and of no effect.  Influence is the effect that a leader has on others/ team members to align their vision and goals to the goals of the team or organization.  

Relational transparency is the currency of influence.  To grow yourself as a leader, to expand your area of impact, you need to grow your ability to influence others.  This is not power, this is not authority, this is the ability to get other to voluntarily follow your vision without coercion.  

To achieve this level of impact, you need a strong values-based core.  Integral to this core is transparency. Transparency is about openness and truthfulness in relationships through self-disclosure and trust.  This simply means disclosing your rue self in interactions and relationships.  


A leader with a strong core is not afraid of vulnerability.  On the contrary such a leader embraces vulnerability and uses every opportunity to draw people out through it.  

Vulnerability is a force of influence in leadership.  It is not a weakness.  It is a strength and an ally. 

To lead from the core of excellence is to be unafraid of being vulnerable. 

So many leaders are afraid of being vulnerable.  We are all brought up to hide weaknesses or to cover them up.  To lead authentically is to not hide who you are or the stumbles along your journey. These are the intricate ligaments that connect you to your team members and to your community.  

People relate better, accept a leader more when they can identify with that leader.  

To learn how you can increase influence and impact and consistently lead from your core of excellence, connect with me for an exploratory session.